Sunday, August 19, 2012

4th Grade Classroom

This is a picture of the chalkboard that Johnny painted black.  I am using it as a vocabulary word wall so the ugly shade of green is now a nice pretty black.  It matches better but is still magnetic!

Classroom Rules
I used cake boards purchased in the cake making section as the background.  I printed the rules on purple paper in the shape of a circle and cut out  Then we taped them on.  Next I made a bow for the top, and hung them on a ribbon.  I love the cake boards.  They match the curtains.

Essential Questions
Instead of "I Can" statements this year, we are using "Essential Questions". I am using the chart and sentence strips to write the Essential Questions for the week.

View from the Back

Hall Passes
I have 4 hall passes for the kids to use.  They place one on their desk before going to the restroom or to get water.
I purchased letters and spray painted them.  Then I used a white paint pen to add details.

Science Table
A fish aquarium is to come later.  

Small Group Table

Filing Cabinet Redo
This filing cabinet started out as an ugly gray that was all scratched up.  First I painted the cabinet with black oil based paint.   Next I used my curtain fabric and mod podged it onto the front of the drawers.  I made two: a 2 drawer and a 4 drawer.  I LOVE how they turned out.  They really add to the room. 

Animal Cell
I purchased plant and animal cell models for my science table. 

I am very please with how my room turned out.  I still have things I need to do but am waiting until I can walk again.  Although this room is small it may be my favorite one yet.  I love it!  


  1. Wonderful classroom, Kathy. With all that creativity, the kids will be delighted. All I can say is I'm glad we didn't do such great things when I was teaching!!! NO ONE would have wanted to be in my room.

  2. What a beautiful room Kathy! I would have enjoyed school more when I was a kid if the classrooms looked like yours! Great job...great creativity!!