Monday, July 2, 2012

Books, Books, Books!

All the books are unpacked and have a home.  Books are organized by AR level even though my students won't be using AR.  It helps with organization and allows me to easily find a need book.   One problem with moving up is that now I need more books for higher reading levels.  I guess I will be searching for books the rest of the summer.

 I am trying really hard to make my room match more this year.  I ordered these baskets in green.  It is hard to tell that the wall behind them is a pale green also.  The walls are pale green and pale yellow.  I promised Johnny he wouldn't have to paint another room.  lol  So I am using the colors from the previous teacher and painting all the other stuff. 

 One really cool tip Johnny figured out for me is that the new plastic spray paint works well on plastic tubs.  So instead of buying tubs to match he is painting my tubs!  What a great idea.  I will post more pictures as I progress.  

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